Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Hornback, chiming in with another wedge issue:
On June 6,2006 the United States Senate will vote on the constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. It is critical that you contact your senators and ask them to vote for the Marriage Protection Amendment (MPA).

The expectation is that the Democratic senators will attempt to vote to kill the MPA. The public is not aware that the Democratic National Committee has given thousands of dollars to homosexual groups to help promote homosexual marriage.

Mr. Hornback is again working to put non-issue issues on the front burner for Knox County. It is already illegal for anything other than a man and a woman to marry in Tennessee. Furthermore, Tennesseans will be voting on this very same issue this fall in a referendum on gay marriage in Tennessee.

Hornback is either selectively ignoring these points or just plain doesn't care. I think it is the later --further, I think that Hornback is willing to play politics with peoples lives.

Abortion, Gay Marriage...what is next? God? Oh, and everyone who opposes his view is a flaming liberal atheist deaniac.

I, for one, am not inclined to give the Federal Government control over a state issue. Why is Hornback so willing to do so? He just doesn't get it.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hornback Challenges Dem Chair for Position?

Does Jim have competition from Brian Hornback? It appears Brian wants to go head to head with the Knox Dems Chair!? What in the world is he doing? Is he so competitive that he fills the need to go after and attack everyone and everything? Soon he'll insist that he is the rightful chair of the Dems...
Whether you like the answers I give or not, NO ONE can say that I have run and hid from the issue. Whether you personally like me or not, I have not run and hid.

This came from his whipping over at KnoxViews.com. I report --you decide. Jump over and read his posts and comments and notice where he disappears! Heck, he want even allow 'our' comments on his own site. Talk about being disconnected from the people.

Some of my more reasonable republican friends are grumbling over Brian's recent rants online.

Blogs haven't been kind to local GOP folk.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sexual Predators?

Brian Hornback is promoting the idea of not having children at school on voting day. I'm presuming his voting precinct is in a school. Anyway, his reasoning is that child predators could be on the prowl.
"A sexual predator could easily slip through the doors a sthe school is unable to keep the facility in its normal secure fashion." comments from Brian Hornback's blog comments

Right, child predators is high on his list. Rep. Campfield is backing him by booting his resident sex offender from his personal home. Read it here folks....old news but notable considering Hornback's argument.

Want to help?

Looking for other local bloggers to take the local GOP chair to task. Contact information posted in profile. Must have an established blog that isn't single minded in composition.

Mothers Day

To me, Mothers Day is a celebration of my mother and the life she chose to live. Mom, I love you. Thank You for loving me. Happy Mothers Day.

This blog is obviously a parody blog to Brian Hornback's blog. Brian is the Chair of the Knox County GOP. He is often unfair in his criticism, rarely does he choose to consider other views and often spews rants of hate and then hides behind whatever he can.

Today, on his blog, he writes about abortion.
Today, Pray for all the young ladies that since the Roe -v- Wade decision, listened to the culture and had an abortion.
Who's culture is he taking about? My mother or friends never advocated abortion to anyone. None of my sisters ever spoke about it. Is Mr. Hornback so blinded by talking points that he is so disconnected from real life?

Who advocates abortion, anyway? Who says, "Hey --I think I'll go have an abortion today." Who tells their daughter that they should have an abortion? I wish I could answer that, but I can't.

The bottom line in all of this is that abortions have been going on long before Roe -v- Wade and will continue long after if it is overturned at any point. The change will be that less fortunate people (read: poorer) will be forced into the back ally "hanger style" abortions while those who can afford it will still have it done elsewhere or by a family doctor --just like they used to.

Instead of fighting to overturn Roe, why doesn't Mr. Hornback, et. al., work to help those who would turn to abortion by providing more support to young mothers.

I'm a Democrat. I'm not for abortion. Who is? I'm for the right to choose. In today's world, we find more and more of our rights eroding away --we should not make the mistake of taking away this important right.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Does Brian Hornback Speak For You?

I'm curious if Chairman Hornback represents the views of all Knox County Republicans?

more soon....